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Feb 23, 2024 12:52 AM
BEANSDAO + Paperclip Labs have been creating bespoke, custom minting experiences utilizing frames on Farcaster with the intention of exploring new ways of minting unique to frames and its built-in social distribution mechanism. RIDDLER’S RITUAL is part art, crypto, and ai. We want to do free mints but we also want to deter bots. How can we turn that idea into a fun, storytelling experience for minters? Well, we figured we’ll turn it into a side quest. Prompted by a sly riddler in his den, you must answer his riddle correctly in order to mint. These riddles were powered live by ChatGPT. Because of the nature of riddles, if a user tries to use ChatGPT on their own to solve them, it often kicks back the wrong answer. In the end, the feedback to our mint was exactly what we hoped for and it seemed to resonate with the people that were able to sneak past our riddler! We had a ton of fun creating this mint and we can’t wait to show you our next ones!
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